Buying the farm

In September of 2016 I went to Japan for a week with my mom. When I returned, Tim told me that he had found a farm and we could go look at it this weekend. He continued to tell me that it was a strawberry farm. Initially I thought, what? Are you crazy? Then we went and visited it. Ever since then I couldn’t stop thinking about the possibilities.

We eventually put it off the table (not out of our minds) because Tim worked in the opposite direction. Soon that would change and all of a sudden, the hope returned.

March 4th, 2017 we took a trip to the farm to visit the owners again. We talked awhile, and then we made an offer and they accepted it. Little did we know how crazy this whole process was about to become. We needed to secure financing which means lots of paperwork, appraisals, environmental reviews, inspections, put our home on the market, pack, purchase next year’s strawberry crop to plant this spring, all before May 1st. And oh yeah, we’re expecting another baby in September.

Here it is April 28th and we’re about 90% there. Our loan was approved, our offer to purchase was accepted after the appraisal was done on the farm, we accepted an offer on our home without a realtor, 75% of our house is packed, and we’re just waiting on closing dates. We also managed to plan 8,000 strawberry plants for next year’s crop in one day thanks to the current owners teaching us how.

New Owners

There’s no doubt that God has gotten us through this. He has made all the pieces come together naturally that it has shown us that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in life and in our journey to farm. Stay tuned to find out more!

“As for me and my farm, we will serve the Lord.”


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