Farm Life 101

On May 24, we signed the papers to sell our home and about 30 minutes later signed the papers to purchase the farm. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, to say the least, since then.


My husband and I continue to work our off the farm jobs along with preparing for the upcoming strawberry season and moving into the house on the farm. What have we been up to in those last 10 days as we prepare for strawberry season which will be upon us in another 10 days? Well…

The lawns have to be mowed constantly, our house, and the parking area for customers. The 8 acres of strawberries for picking this season have to be weeded by hand. We don’t want our customers to be picking anything but strawberries, i.e. dandelions, thistles, grass. If you “like” our Facebook page, you may have seen the live video of me demonstrating how we pull weeds by hand, even when we’re 24 weeks pregnant.

Next year’s strawberry plants have to be cared for, including replanting any that didn’t survive since we planted them last month, weeding which in this case we use a cultivator, and now we will have to pluck the buds off the plants that are starting to blossom. We do not want the plants to blossom and form berries until next year.


Marketing, hiring employees, setting up the schedule and preparing for employee training are my office jobs which I tackle during my son’s nap time or in the evening. #momlife

Also in the evening after he’s worked a full day at his job, then comes home to mow lawn, or pull weeds, Farmer Tim makes sure the bills are paid and that there’s money in the checking account to pay them. #dadlife

It’s been a crazy 10 days.

What has helped tremendously keep our heads above water, is:

  • Good communication between your team (your spouse in our case)
  • Creating a list (We use a white board in the office which you can see as you walk in the house)
  • Knowing your strengths
  • Being realistic about what you can accomplish and in what time frame

It’s such a thrill and an amazing sense of fulfillment completing your tasks at hand while running your own small business. We’ve never worked harder than in these past 10 days and we know we need to keep this pace up for another month as we head into then wrap up strawberry season.


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