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    What do farmers do in the winter?

    It’s been several months since I’ve updated the Mayberry Farms blog, which now has a brand new look and focus. I am moving from a strictly farm focused blog to a broader range of topics. After all, my family and I are, no different than any other family. We share the same joys and struggles in life from raising our children, what meals to plan for during the week, ya know, the general “adulting” topics. If this is your first time reading the blog, welcome! I hope you enjoy getting a backstage pass into my life as I raise a family on a strawberry farm. On this episode, I’m going…

  • Happy Fall at Mayberry Farms
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    Preparing for harvest & a new baby!

    It is September 22, the first day of autumn, the leaves on the trees are beginning to change color, so are the colors of the corn and soybean fields you see in rural Wisconsin. Today is also Baby #2’s due date…Oh yeah, and it’s 84 degrees outside and we have the air conditioning running… Although we had our big harvest (strawberry picking) in mid June, we’re getting ready to harvest almost 40 acres of soybeans here at Mayberry Farms in about one week. The way this farm has been setup throughout the past 40 years is with small (ranging from about ~3-6 acre) fields across the 60 acre farmstead. This…

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    What happens to the strawberries?

    At the end of the strawberry picking season, a lot of people asked us, “so what happens to the berries after you’re closed for the season?” Well, if you’ve ever wondered that same thing keep reading this blog post… First things first, celebrate. Since our son’s birthday is July 6th and he turned 2, we threw him a party, then we celebrated the 4th of July by entering the Mayberry Express in the Knowles Parade and THEN we celebrated the success of our season by taking a short 2 day family vacation up to Door County. (Goodbye strawberry season, hello cherry season!) When we returned there was a lot of…