Crop report

It’s hard to believe we’re almost to mid-June! That means, strawberry harvest is literally right around the corner since we’re planning to be opening next week. In the past week we’ve been checking the berries every day. We know our customers are anxious to pick the freshest, most delicious sweet strawberries, because we are too!… Read More Crop report


Farm Life 101

On May 24, we signed the papers to sell our home and about 30 minutes later signed the papers to purchase the farm. It’s been a bit of a whirlwind, to say the least, since then. My husband and I continue to work our off the farm jobs along with preparing for the upcoming strawberry… Read More Farm Life 101


Buying the farm

In September of 2016 I went to Japan for a week with my mom. When I returned, Tim told me that he had found a farm and we could go look at it this weekend. He continued to tell me that it was a strawberry farm. Initially I thought, what? Are you crazy? Then we… Read More Buying the farm